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Our Values and our Hedgehog Principle – our values and hedgehog principle are what makes us “us” and distinguishes us from other law firms. Learn More >

Our commitment to not just doing a good job but WOW’ing our clients and our employees consistently – this is centered around our saying that “At D&S, a satisfied client is a disaster!”  This means that almost any lawyer can “satisfy” a client, but the real goal is to over-satisfy (or WOW) our clients.  We apply this same principle, internally, to over-satisfying our lawyers and administrative personnel with their employment at D&S. Learn More >
Our commitment to helping our clients build – and protect their businesses – we believe that our clients simply love to have lawyers who not only do excellent legal work, but also work to help them build their businesses.  This includes making connections, thinking of critical insights, and truly adding value to them in their most important goals.  On the litigation side, this means a commitment to not only winning litigation when it occurs, but also working with our clients to ensure that litigation does not occur in the first place, or if it does, our clients are well protected from adverse outcomes.  Learn More >
Our mission to “attract, train and retain talent” – we have only one thing to “sell” to our clients and that is the skill and expertise of our lawyers.  Without superbly talented and trained lawyers we have nothing at all.  Accordingly, we can only succeed if we attract talented lawyers to the Firm, train these lawyers exceptionally well, and make the Firm a place where these lawyers are happy and do not want to leave.  We know that if we do this, then our lawyers will deliver outstanding client service. Learn More >
Our History and Our Inspiration:  Our “story” is detailed in our Fifteen Year Commemorative and also in our “about us” section. Learn More >

Our Clients:  We have an impressive roster of clients, and we are proud to represent them.  Learn More >

Education and Training of Our Attorneys and Administrative Personnel:   Training is a key component of our core mission to “attract, train and retain talent”; accordingly, we have many training programs. Learn More >

Low Overhead is Great:  Low overhead is one of our key competitive advantages. Learn More >
The Secret to Retaining Our Talent:  Why is it that our talented associates and partners don’t just quit for a better offer?  Indeed at major law firms, associates routinely quit within the first 2 to 4 years, yet ours do not for some reason.  Our attrition has always been, and remains, exceptionally low.  There are quite a few reasons. Learn More >

Lone Wolves Don’t Eat – How Partners Work Together:  At many law firms a partner (as a lone wolf), is responsible for bringing her own clients in the door, servicing those clients, and building relationships with those clients.  Essentially the partner is in a silo practice, as opposed to being part of a team.  Even worse, at some law firms the partners are set up to even compete with each other.  We will not remark on other firms’ strategies; however, we will say that we do the direct opposite of this. Learn More >

Our Value Proposition For Clients:  We have a potent value proposition for clients, which is one of the reasons we have been so successful. Learn More >

Measuring “Results” for a Transactional Law Practice:  Law firms and lawyers rarely talk about “results” outside of litigation.  So how does a client really know if the law firm did a good job?  Learn More >

Pro Bono:  Our pro bono program is admittedly nascent but growing and is targeted to doing good in the world, as opposed to solely being targeted to pro bono legal work. Learn More >

The D&S Culture:  Our culture is special and different and very strong.  There are numerous ingredients that go into it, from our numerous and eclectic committees, to our annual firm outing in Florida, to our goal to Embrace Volatility, to our firm clubs, and much more. Learn More >
Our “Style” of Doing Business:  For transactions our default style is to create a positive experience for our clients and their countparties.  For litigation we are tough and skilled at advising our clients as to the most opportune time to settle, should one arise. Overall, we are not ego people – we recognize that there is little to be gained, and much to be lost, by proving to the other side that we are knowledgeable and more experienced; instead, our clients benefit from win’win solutions that bring everyone back to the table for repeat business. Learn More >

Thought Leadership:  We are fortunate to have Bruce Stachenfeld as a thought leader in (i) law firm management and innovation and (ii) the real estate business world.  Learn More >

Embracing Volatility:  This concept is one of our core themes.  We know that, like it or not, the demand for legal services at all law firms will fluctuate (even dramatically at times).  We are training ourselves to ride this volatility as the fulcrum of an exciting career rather than something to be dreaded. Learn More >

Lawyers Who do Best With Us:  Being plainly and unvarnishedly honest (one of our core values), we do not want every lawyer to join us.  We “only” want lawyers who are capable of practicing law at the highest level and who find our values and principles to be inspirational.  In a nutshell, lawyers who do best with us are lawyers who:

  • Bring passion and intensity to what they do
  • Are proud to be lawyers and who are committed to performing at the highest level
  • Never give up and always go the extra mile (or 10,000 miles) for their clients 
  • Constantly innovate and challenge the accepted wisdom
  • Are committed to fostering business relationships for their clients 
  • Believe in, and are inspired by, our values  

Learn More >

Our Mission to Reinvent the Law Business:  We know this is a tall order – and we do not believe the law business is broken in the first place – but we think it could be dramatically improved. Learn More >

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