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Our values

Ultimately, the values are the bedrock of D&S and make our attorneys eager and excited to work at the Firm while going the extra 10 miles for our clients.

We have a scrupulously adhered to set of firm Values, which includes a Core Purpose and Core Values.  Although we seek to be flexible and innovative in our thinking about business strategies, we do not have flexibility on our Core Purpose and Core Values.  In this area, we insist that all lawyers follow these principles and, in addition, actively support them.  The “Values” to us are a lot more than “words on a page”.  We spent thousands – yes, thousands – of attorney hours drafting, redrafting, negotiating and renegotiating these values – and they have incredible meaning to us.  

These Values include a Core Purpose:
“Build a highly motivated and successful law firm that is propelled by the enthusiasm and commitment of its attorneys.”
These Values also include the following Core Values: 
  • Deliver outstanding service to our clients.

  • Incorporate honor, integrity and fairness into all aspects of our business.

  • Insist on plain unvarnished honesty in all matters.

  • Attack complacency.

  • Put the Firm first: our success depends upon effective teamwork.

  • Ardent support for our purpose and values.

  • ​Do the right thing even when it hurts. 

We also have a Core Business Goal: 

“To be widely regarded as one of the premier law firms in the United States. Our success will be measured not only by our profitability, size and client base, but also by the depth of our clients' satisfaction and the loyalty and commitment of our attorneys to our firm.”

Finally, we have a Statement of Business Strategies that fully explains our Core Ideology and Core Values.   

These Values are what makes us “us” (so to speak).  They are the key differentiator of our Firm from other law firms. Indeed, we suggest to recruits that if they want to determine whether D&S is the right place for them, then they should just read the Values.  Our Values “speak” to some people, and to those people D&S is unquestionably the right place for them to build their careers.  For those to whom our Values do not “speak,” it is best for them to find employment elsewhere as they likely will not be a good fit.  

For the full statement of our Core Ideology, Values, and Business Strategies, click here to view PDF >

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