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our history

Over close to 25 years Duval & Stachenfeld LLP has grown from nothing at all to become one of the top real estate law practices in New York City.

Our History

Duval & Stachenfeld LLP was founded by Bruce Stachenfeld, Patrick Duval and Terri Adler in 1997.

From its beginning, the Firm was known for its high-quality work in complex real estate transactions.  However, it wasn’t until the Global Financial Crisis of 2008/2009 that the Firm blossomed into a major real estate player.  The Financial Crisis resulted in dramatic changes in the real estate legal environment throughout the world, including a significant impact in New York City, which ultimately presented incredible opportunities to the Firm. 

Since that time, the Firm has become The Pure Play in Real Estate Law to evidence its commitment to clients in the real estate industry and its commitment to lawyers who seek to create real estate-based legal practices.  This singular focus has enabled the Firm to become a powerful, resourceful, and connected advocate for its real estate clients and at the same time enabled the Firm to become a place where its lawyers can build successful careers in the real estate industry. 

To see the trials and triumphs of the Firm over the last twenty years please read our Commemorative.  It gives an honest telling of all the things we did over the years.  We think the ups and downs of our story are exciting and interesting and at heart gives the reasons for what we are today and, of even greater importance, “why” we are today. 

20 Year Commemorative

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