Duval & Stachenfeld LLP is a law firm based in New York City that is committed to providing the highest level of service to a select clientele.

The critical elements of the Firm’s success have been:
Our Pure Play in Real Estate Law.

Our current determination is to focus all of the Firm’s practices around our core expertise in real estate.
Notably, we now have roughly 50 full-time real estate lawyers, which enables us to take pride in the fact that we now have one of the largest (and perhaps the largest) and most diverse real estate practices in New York City.
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Litigation, Tax, Corporate, Bankruptcy, Not-For-Profit.

We have strong practices in each of these areas.

Our Litigation Practice has a major presence in financial services matters and tax related matters.

Our Tax Practice has deep expertise in cross-border matters.

Our Corporate Practice handles M&A, private equity and corporate acquisitions and dispositions.

Our Bankruptcy Practice is known for acquiring assets out of bankruptcy, as well as addressing the fraudulent conduct of debtors.

Our Not-For-Profit practice has great expertise in Attorney General matters and internal governance disputes.

We enhance all of these practice areas through the adjunct of the powerful Pure Play Real Estate Practice. At the same time, the strength of our real estate pure play is augmented by these excellent practices.

Our Values and our Hedgehog Principle.

Our values and hedgehog principle are what makes us “us” and distinguishes us from other law firms. The Duval & Stachenfeld Hedgehog is a reminder to ourselves and to our clients that our firm has been successful because we genuinely care about our clients, attorneys, and administrative staff.
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Our commitment to not just doing a good job but WOW’ing our clients and our employees.

This is centered around our saying that “At D&S, a satisfied client is a disaster!” This means that almost any lawyer can merely “satisfy” a client, but our real goal is to over-satisfy (or WOW) our clients. We apply this same principle, internally, to over-satisfying our lawyers and administrative personnel with their employment at the Firm.
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Our commitment to helping our clients build and protect their businesses.

We believe that our clients simply love to have lawyers who not only do excellent legal work, but also work to help them build their businesses. This includes making critical connections, thinking of critical insights, and truly adding value to them in their most important goal; namely, being successful in the business world. On the litigation side, this means a commitment to not only winning litigation when it occurs, but also working with our clients to ensure that litigation does not occur in the first place, or if it does, our clients are well protected from adverse outcomes.
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Our mission to “attract, train and retain talent”.

We have only one thing to “sell” to our clients and that is the skill and expertise of our lawyers. Without superbly talented and trained lawyers we have nothing at all. Accordingly, we can only succeed if we attract talented lawyers to the Firm, train these lawyers exceptionally well, and make the Firm a place where these lawyers are happy and do not want to leave. We know that if we do this, then these lawyers will treat our clients exceptionally well.
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With these elements the Firm has experienced strong growth, and has grown from 5 to almost 70 lawyers over its first 17 years of existence.

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